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Εργασίες σε Ύψος

A mountain guide can also be useful in helping you solve problems that occurre in difficult-to-reach locations. 


Thanks to our high level of training in rope work there is no place where access is denied to a mountain guide.

We program and deliver solutions in places where a common worker is impossible to reach, exposed to severe drops or where ordinary means can not service.


Rope access is a form of work positioning.

It applies practical rope work to allow the operator access their working position without the use of scaffolding, cranes or aerial platform.


Rope access technicians ascent, descent, traverse on fixed ropes and work while suspended from their safety harness.

Rope work is initially developed from the techniques used in climbing.  

My team and I can climb or access the most challenging locations.

We seek to cover all possible cases, among them these are the most common ones:

  • space frames and structures

  • antennas and shafts

  • masts, towers or pylons

  • confined places

  • satellite and radar installations

  • high rise buildings and bridges

  • tree care and trimming

  • frame and roofing

  • geotechnical works

  • industrial access and rigging

Media & Entertainment industry

We solve complex rigging for stages, lights or sound installations.

  • erection of banners

  • aerial photography



Courses & Training 

We also educate and train your employees and workers on:


  • basic roper work and rope access techniques

  • self rescue

  • on site rescue

  • technical rescue

  • ski lift rescue

Development & Construction

Our certified and updated consultants will advice and consult you on how to organise, built, benefit and maximise the potential of your business.  


  • adventure parks and rope courses

  • climbing walls


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