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Αναρρίχηση στην Κορσική
Nikos Hadjis - Mountain Guide - Rock Climbing - Greece Crete
Corsica Rocks


Between Cap Corse and Capu Pertusatu, the two furthest points of the island of Corsica, lies a land that will take your mind. Homer’s Ulysses got mesmerized by the Sirens of the island, but we don’t want you to lose your senses. To the contrary, a round trip of Corsican crags will wake up your body and soul.

The valleys of Restonca, Ascu, Tavignanu and Niolu offer great pitches of crag climbing. We will follow the rock-lines of tafoni, the volumetric granite formations shaped by the ever-whistling Mediterranean winds. Whether single or multi-pitch, we will smear, traverse, and crimp on the granite blocks and ascent those limestone classics.

The range of styles allows for a perfect week of sampling beginner routes, pleasure routes, to indulging in some technical climbing. We will bust our athletic moves in chimneys and slabs, on rocks facing the endless blue Mediterranean, medieval ruins, and picturesque gulfs.
Aromas of myrtles and chestnut trees mix with the salty afternoon breeze as we descent to evenings of Corsican hospitality.

The long tradition of climbing in Corsica blends in with the French, Italian, and Spanish influence and history. The small and curly roads remind us of a medieval treasure hunts. Rewarding hikes on the GR20 long-distance trail, along the coastline and at the heart of the Corsican massif exposes the incredible richness of the island. It’s best kept secret however is its nature wilderness.

Corsica, Corse, or Calliste, the most beautiful of all for the Ancient Greeks, is undoubtedly an exuberant destination. I suggest a week of climbing on a selection of Corse crags. On-y-va?

Nikos Hadjis - Mountain Guide - Rock Climbing - Greece Crete
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